7 Qualities of an Excellent Teacher

Take a few minutes to think about the best teacher that you have ever had. Have you ever wondered what made him or her so special? Take a look at the following qualities and keep in mind that one teacher that surprised you – you might find a lot of it familiar.

1. Empathy

To begin with, empathy has a great impact on a teacher’s life and it’s one of the most important qualities. A great teacher always possesses an understanding of what the learner is going through and has the power to put him/herself in their shoes. We were all once learners and it was not easy. It is a challenge and everybody likes to hear “I know what you are going through” in order to build a strong teacher-learner connection.

Nowadays, a teacher knows how to teach differently based on the needs of each learner and always tries to find the best option for each and one of us.

2. Passion

Passion is a secret ingredient in each job you may choose but being a teacher means, first of all, passion for people. You have to love helping other people and to devote your life to trying to give your best to build up other human beings. Of course, this doesn’t mean that teachers give up their needs, on the contrary, they always seek to improve themselves. They are eager to learn the newest trends, to be up to date for their students, to teach better.

Their passion for teaching spreads along with the students and a great teacher makes you enthusiastic about what you are learning. He involves you in his great passion and, without even knowing, you enjoy learning that subject more than you thought.

3. Adaptability

Learners are different and a teacher has to be able to adapt to each situation. In the case that something goes in an unexpected direction during a lesson, a teacher has to have a lot of back-up plans. They also need to be able to keep their students’ attention and motivation high – creating challenging and exciting lessons that stimulate learners.

A teacher is able to react quickly and find the best solution in each situation;they must have a huge bag of tricks to be ready for everything life throws at them.

4. Time management

Teachers have to be able to juggle more than one task. They have to prepare lesson plans, materials for the next lesson, and, besides all the bureaucracy, they are also human, so (hopefully) their personal lives. This means that to be an excellent teacher, you need to have excellent organisational and time management skills.

This is especially important for teachers just starting out, because they lack the well-and-proven work techniques their older colleagues might have. However, with a bit of practice and advice, all teachers learn to be masterful at organising their time.

5. Positivity

Positivity is a hugely important quality for an excellent teacher as they always try to find a positive aspect of their teaching experiences. They are not in search of professional essay writers or scientists, they see the good in each person. They are the ones that find that special talent and nurture it in everyone.

A teacher doesn’t give up on their students. They let you make mistakes and don’t focus on your weaknesses. Instead, they try to help you conquer them. They strive to progress and always encourage learners, even in their darkest days.

6. Intelligence

Intelligence doesn’t just mean the traditional IQ. There are many important types that are important in a teacher’s job, with emotional intelligence being paramount. However, the usual kind doesn’t hurt, either. It’s important to keep up with the newest ideas in teaching and always learn new ways to help and encourage students.

Teachers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Sometimes it takes mastering creativity and intelligence to help students reach their highest potential.

7. Equilibrium

Last but not least, one essential quality is “equilibrium”. Even if you’ve heard this many times, a teacher can (and should) be your friend. Teachers have the ability to understand your process better than other people as they see your learning struggle and empathize with you. But that doesn’t mean they don’t push you to be the best you can be.

But behind a strong teacher, there is always a warm, open heart that is eager to discover more about yourself, the learner, and to create that bond, that safe environment, in which you feel comfortable to learn.


All in all, teachers have the capacity to find equilibrium between being a teacher and a human being. They are there for you at all times, they make you reflect on your progress and always seek to help you be the best version of you. Teaching well is as mesmerizing as it is fun. It takes a particular type of individual to be effective in teaching and remain warm and enthusiastic throughout. So, if you have recognised a particular teacher of yours from this description, be glad that you’ve crossed their paths.

Author Bio:
John Peterson is a journalist with 4 years’ experience working in London for the magazine “Shop & Buy”. He is a professional mini-tennis player and he has written a novel called “His Heart”. Besides writing, he has a passion for dissertation services. You can find him on Facebook.