7 Digital Education Tools for Teachers and Students

We now live in an era of digital transformation where almost all industries and sectors have been affected, and the education sector is also not left behind. It is almost impossible that you see the traditional classroom today without any trace of digital tools.

Education has now gone beyond the traditional method of sitting hours in a classroom receiving lectures and sitting for examinations. While all of these are still very much in place, education has continued to evolve. eLearning is now an important means of getting a formal education. Some of the many benefits to eLearning that users enjoy is that it’s practical and accessible.

The Rise of Online Learning

Although, the initial point of view is that online learning is for those students that have locational or geographical barriers, so that they can learn remotely. But according to a recent college paper, online learning has now gone past that. It is now viewed by many as an opportunity for teachers to reach out to students that have limitations with their finances and time, and those with full-time jobs, personal commitments, and other special circumstances.

While online learning continues to grow, it would be wrong to discredit the traditional classroom model of learning. It is still very much important and has many benefits to offer. So, it is not outdated just yet and also will not be ditched anytime in the near future. The best bet would be to combine both models of learning together in order to offer the students the best. It also allows the students to be prepared with both virtual skills and traditional school learning skills, making them more rounded.

If you are in the education sector and you do not already use the many digital tools that are available to make teaching and learning easy for both teachers and students, here are 7 top tools that you can use.


TED-Ed is a very cool and common tool in online or digital education. It is one of the best online learning tools for both students and teachers. Animators, creators, and essay writers can also use this tool. This educational platform allows the user to create educational lessons and you can also expand on your knowledge and ideas anywhere around the world. This tool allows people to participate actively in each other’s learning process.


Video tools are always a great tool for teaching and visual learning. This is exactly how many online tools work. But the Teachem works even better. While videos are important and effective for online learning, it does not compel or engage as much as face-to-face interaction does. This is something that the Teachem addresses. With this web-based service, you can easily convert YouTube videos to exciting lessons that you can customise using notes, flashcards, and quizzes which you can pin to the videos. You can create your own class with numerous videos in this interactive online school. It does not matter the subject that you are learning, whether music, arts, math, or history. You can use this tool to your benefit in a creative and entertaining manner while still learning.


Although there are many people with skepticism and doubts about gamification, it is hard to argue against the numerous benefits that it has. It allows the students to be creative and also motivates them to learn by themselves, while also keeping their focus and motivation. This is due to the flow which the game induces and the fun it brings.

Kahoot offers game-based learning in which the students take charge of the learning process, while the teachers assess the progress of the student through enhanced responsiveness and quizzes. With this platform, you have thousands of options to choose from while also learning different subjects. This tool is also effective for blended learning, and also group or individual eLearning because of its flexibility.


HotChalk is another online learning tool that provides you with the learning environment that enhances the interaction between the teachers and the students and parents. This platform offers you many of the essentials that you need your online learning platform to provide you with. Some of these are spaces where you have your handouts, lesson plans, curricula, grades, tests, etc. and you have all of these with HotChalk.

Although there are many other platforms that offer more options with the teaching management systems than HotChalk, it is also a comprehensive tool and is as well a free tool with a wide library base, customisable lessons, assessment quizzes, grade books, and other materials that boost interaction.


The general thoughts about the eLearning platform are that it is for college students and adults. The popularity of online learning means that it is becoming common even among school children too.

Edmodo is a tool that is incorporated in a social network where students connect with teachers. This tool allows the teacher to give out educational materials, create collaborative groups online, measure the performance of the students and also relate with the parents. There are more than 34 million users of Edmodo that can connect with themselves to create a culturally enriching learning process.

However, anywhere children are involved, there has to be guidance and protection for them so that they use the educational tools the right way.


The GoClass tool was developed to enable blended learning and can be used to create classroom engagement. However, you can also use it for eLearning as well. With GoClass, the teachers can send out their handouts, videos, and broadcast content directly to the devices of the students. The students can also save notes or bookmark anything for future use.

The lessons are broken down into sessions and the students can join in at any point. The student’s learning experience can also be personalised by the teachers by creating a playlist for the student.


If there is a list of things that students and educators do not like, grading has to be top of that list. However, it is an important part of the learning process, as it helps in the assessment of the students’ progress and also helps the teachers identify the parts that need improvement.

Socrative is an online tool that you can use to take the strain off you and make the process automated and more streamlined. This tool helps to connect the students and teachers at the time where the learning is taking place. So, the teacher can give the students assessment quizzes which they have prepared beforehand irrespective of where the students or teachers are.

This tool also allows the teacher to track all of their students’ progress and suggests a personalised approach which they can use to master their knowledge and skills.


With eLearning, everyone has an opportunity to learn from home. Students with special needs and those living in remote locations can reap enormous benefits from these online learning platforms. The fact that traditional classrooms now use many digital learning tools shows how important digital learning is in this modern world.

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