3 Great Reasons for Learning Estonian

Estonian is a mysterious little language. For one thing, it’s one of only a precious few in the EU that is not originally Indo-European. Of the other languages that share this dubious honour – Finnish, Hungarian, and Maltese – only the latter is completely unrelated to the others. But even without these curious relatives, Estonian might just prove to be your next favourite language to learn.

Here are three excellent reasons for you to learn Estonian:

#1 – It’s basically a superpower

As any English-speaker will testify, sometimes speaking a language no one around you can understand is not only preferable but borderline necessary. And this is where Estonian really shines. With around 1 million speakers and more cases than a future, speaking Estonian is as close to a superpower as you can get without tying a bed sheet around your shoulders.

For scale, 1 million speakers is about 0,01% of the world’s population. You can be quite certain that those people in the next row over will not be able to tell you’re talking about how silly their hair looks.

#2 – Fun online learning materials

But what Estonian lacks in speakers, it makes up for in enthusiasm for providing beginners’ learning materials. That and the gung-ho that Estonia the country has for everything IT and tech-related means that there are plenty of online materials for you to get started completely for free:

This website just gives a short course of 100 Estonian phrases and words – simply a quick introduction. The phrases are not the most useful ones, but they’re quite fun to learn at least!

– A government-made free online Estonian course. It is very good for providing the very basics with lots of video and picture help. However, it doesn’t work very well on Chrome, so be sure to use Firefox or Safari. As far as learning materials go, this one is also quite cringy, though.

A free app for learning Estonian based on everyday situations. It’s a bit clumsy to use but provides quite good context for the beginning.

– This is actually a paid course provided by WordDive, but it has a very good interface and makes learning very easy. You will learn just words, though. As context is quite important when it comes to improving your vocabulary, you should probably pay for this app once you’ve exhausted other options.

Another free website that provides a pretty good overview of the basics as well, especially good for grammar. While you have to sign up to access the whole content base, it provides a good overview of beginners’ grammar.

#3 – We have the best Estonian teachers for you

There might be horror stories about how difficult Estonian is but you shouldn’t listen to them. In fact, as we’ve covered before – there really isn’t such a thing as a hard language. In the end, everything comes down to your own motivation and the mastery of your teacher. And that’s really what will make Estonian such a good language to learn – lucky for you, TeacherFinder has the best Estonian teachers to help you start speaking from day one.

Conclusion – Estonian is a small language with plenty of fun opportunities

While Estonian might not be one of the languages that will get you hired on the spot, it is an interesting one to learn. You can be sure no one will be eavesdropping on your conversations, while you’ll have access to the fascinating world opened up by knowing a tiny language. And, for such a tiny language, Estonian does actually have quite a wide selection of materials available to you, not to mention the most excellent Estonian teachers we can introduce you to.