5 Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

In order to get a good grade in any subject, it’s important for every student to possess writing skills. In your college years, from your examination to assignments, almost everything is based on writing. A student who knows how to write well will ultimately end up getting most out of their university experience.

But if you struggle with academic writing and don’t know how to get started, here are five tips to help you with the process:

Practice makes perfect

Everything gets better with practice. To become a good essay writer, students should write on a daily basis to recognize what kind of style suits them best and to improve their skills. Keep practicing on different topics and genres. What you write doesn’t even need to be academic, as improving your general writing skills will also come in handy down the line.

It might be really difficult at first but it gets easier with time. To get started, just take a look at these creative writing prompts that can help you.

Read like it’s your job

One thing that makes up a good writer is how much he reads. Students should read daily to broaden their vocabulary and to know the right sentence structure. Your reading material should not only be limited to books but it should also include newspaper articles, blog posts, Wikipedia articles, and really anything in the written word world.

The more you read, the more you are able to recognize what makes writing perfect and how the words in the document flow together. Not to mention, being able to structure your argument to be the most convincing. The more you read, the more you know.

Take helpful feedback

Teachers are there at every stage of a student’s life to help them and guide them and, yet, students fail to take full advantage of that. When you want to improve your academic writing, take helpful feedback from your teacher. Show your teachers whatever you write, so that they can give you suggestions you need and provide you with constructive criticism that will surely improve your skills. Just make sure that the teacher of professor you turn to also knows how to actually proofread papers and gives useful feedback.

Remember that it’s also fine to disagree with what you’re told. Professors should ideally be there to help their students grow, not use their writing to express their own ideas (which is sadly often the case).

Research is key

Before starting on any topic, every student should also possess good research skills because writing and researching skills go hand in hand. Without any research, your piece of work can be useless.

To produce original content that has zero plagiarism (use an online plagiarism checker to make sure your work is up to scratch) and that increases the credibility of your work. You should also work on your skills to find the right kind of information and how to use that information in your writing. You also need to make sure you know how to properly cite your sources. These differ from field to field, so make sure you’re familiar with your specific requirements.

Work on the basic skills

Some students might have the required skills but when they start, they end up using the wrong punctuation, words, and grammar which makes your work look bad and ends up in a bad grade. To be the perfect academic writer, one should start working on the basic principles of grammar, punctuation and where and how to use the words.

If as a student you do not know how to start your assignments and essays then there are always online workshops available that help you to become a good writer.


Being a good academic writer is the backbone of succeeding in your university studies. So it’s important to focus on improving these skills early on in your career to start reaping the rewards.

Remember the importance of early research and correct citations (so as to avoid plagiarism charges) in your work. But there’s much to do even before you start writing – read as much as you can to absorb good writing techniques and experiment with other genres, to broaden your perspectives. You also definitely need to make sure your general knowledge of the language you’re writing in is good enough to let your ideas shine. That’s where a private teacher can really come in handy.

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