Language Practice in Berlin: Alternative Conversation Groups

With Berlin being one of the biggest and most liveable cities in Europe, its multicultural consistency is probably no surprise. This variety of people and languages spoken also makes Berlin a language learner’s paradise. This is also reflected in the availability of different Meetup groups that specialise in language and cultural exchanges.

If you’ve read through our longer guides to language practice conversation groups in Berlin and decided those aren’t for you, we’ve also compiled a list of alternative recommendations. These are either smaller groups with less regular events, or larger groups that are not generally targeted to language exchange but would suit for it well.

Berlin Culti Group

Berlin Culti Group is actually one of the largest groups uniting expats in Germany’s capital with regular and varied events. We didn’t include it among our main suggestions for conversation practice groups since it is less focused on language exchange and more a general social group for expats and locals in Berlin.

But, if you’re looking to find a tandem partner for a more exotic language, this would be a good group where to start since it unites more than 8000 internationals in the city.

Coffee Lovers’ Groups

If you happen to love coffee and conversation in a relaxed setting, then Berlin’s Meetup groups have some great options for you.

The Saturday Afternoon Coffee and Talk group gathers every Saturday afternoon at the Cafe Manstein for a relaxing get-together that promotes open-minded conversation and a free flow of ideas. Although not necessarily a language exchange group, the setting seems perfect for the task and you should be sure to meet other like-minded members.

If your Saturday’s coffee hit wasn’t enough and you’re jonesing for another cup of joe, then the Sunday Coffee Meeting would be a good destination for you. Every week on Sundays at three, you can find members of the group at the Alberts Restaurant on Stuttgarter Platz meeting to exchange languages and stories in a casual and laid back environment.

German English Language Exchange in Berlin

This might be one of the more intriguing conversation practice groups in the city. Although they only advertise themselves as a German-English group, the page claims they also represent other languages.

Two aspects make the German English Language Exchange in Berlin group interesting. Firstly, as an exception to other German-English exchange groups in Berlin, their events are free to visit for everyone in the group. And secondly, you have to apply (and be accepted) to join the group. For that, you need to create an account with Meetup and explain your motivations for attending their events – including where you’re from and what languages you speak. Once you’re accepted you can find out the details about when and where the group meets.

Café des Langues Berlin

Café des Langues Berlin might be the most inclusive of all the language exchange groups in Berlin. They invite everyone to join and speak the language of their choice at their event. While this might create a bit of a chaos at the events (where one table can house as many as eleven languages), it will also definitely provide exposure to some exciting alternative languages.

The biggest problem with this group might be the fact that their events are rather irregular and can be spaced a month apart. But if you’re in town when one of their meetings is taking place, you should drop in to see the fascinating melange of nations gathering. Keep an eye on their event calendar to find out when to expect the next get-together.

With such a varied menu of language practice events, we’re hoping you’ll quickly find somewhere enjoyable to practice your language skills.