Language Practice in Berlin: “Life is Beautiful” Conversation Group

As with the previous Meetup group we covered for Berlin – German Conversation Club – this one also charges a small amount for their events. But we believe that from the all of the options available in Berlin, it is still very much worth the 3 euros they ask to be donated. The group’s 2000 members and glowing recommendations also seem to agree!

So, if you’re looking for a way to get some first person conversation practice in Berlin, the Life is Beautiful Conversation Group offers some great options.


While the German Conversation Club’s events were set up more like traditional language classes, the “Life is Beautiful” Conversation Group focuses more on creating a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere where improving your language skills becomes natural and easy.

Unfortunately for now at least, their events are focused on exchanging only German and English skills, but at least they provide interesting word games and lot of encouragement to make sure participants get a top-notch experience.


This group organises one language exchange event – English/German Exchange with Language Games. This event takes place a bit outside of central Berlin, a stone’s throw away from Tempelhofer Damm, in the Kreuzberg quarter.

The venue is a cool and cozy tea shop, laconically named t Berlin. The exact address of this place is Fidicinstraße 38, the nearest metro stations are either Platz der Luftbrücke or Mehringdamm.


The “Life is Beautiful” group organises their language exchange event weekly. You can show up at the t Berlin tea shop every Monday at 7:30pm to look for the “English” and “German” signs.

During the event, you can expect to play word games and other learning activities, and help people at your table learn your mother tongue. There are also professional language teachers present who can help with the process.

To get the most up-to-date news about the events in the group, you can check out their event calendar.


Although you’re expected to give a 3€ donation and buy a couple of drinks at the tea shop (they also serve soft drinks and beer if you don’t particularly enjoy a cup of tea), the events organised under this group are professional and fun. We feel the trouble the organisers go through to put the events together is well worth the small amount of money you’re expected to give up.

In addition to the “Life is Beautiful” Conversation Group, the same organisers are also in charge of Deutsch by Doing and LinguaCamp Berlin. If you’ve participated in one of their events and enjoyed it, chances are you’ll also like their other groups.

Photo credit: “Life is Beautiful” Conversation Group photos.