Language Practice in Brussels: The Brussels French Language Meetup Group

As the capital of the European Union, Brussels is one of the most multicultural cities in Europe, and a language learner’s paradise. Since Belgium itself is already trilingual (with French, German, and Dutch being the official languages), there are a lot of polyglots around to help you with your language learning efforts.

One of the best ways to grab some free conversation practice is to take part in the events organised by The Brussels French Language Meetup Group.


The Brussels French Language Meetup Group is (surprise-surprise!) a Meetup group dedicated to organising language exchange events where participants can practice their French language skills. The group is open to all levels of French-speakers, from people just starting out to natives, who’re looking to get some speaking practice.

This is one of the biggest and most active language exchange groups in Brussels, and offers a great way to get some conversation practice. You also shouldn’t get deterred by the name, either – this group also organises events that offer the chance to practice your Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, and/or English skills. These Multilangauge Meetups have been taking place since 2013, and have become somewhat famous in the Brussels expat community.

In fact, right now they’re single priority seems to be organising multilanguage events, instead of ones simply focused on French. All of the meetings they have planned are catered to the multilingual audience.


Although the name of the Meetup group would suggest their focus lies only in promoting French, the meetings currently in their calendar all have the name of “Multi Language Meetup”.

These events take place at Scott’s Bar – a pub in downtown Brussels (2 Rue Montagnes aux Herbes Potageres, on the first floor).


Unfortunately, at this point, the Multilanguage Meetups have not (yet) become regularly scheduled in the group’s calendar. This does not mean that they’re not regular in nature, but simply that we can’t provide a precise time when you can head to Scott’s Bar to find the event.

The best way to find out when the next one is happening, is to keep an eye on the group’s event calendar. (They seem to usually take place on Friday evenings, starting at 7:30pm.)


The Brussels French Language Meetup Group is the most active group focused solely on language exchange. Although their events are not regular, they are at least rather frequent, and you can expect one or two evenings a month dedicated to free conversation practice.

At every event, in addition to the more popular languages, there are also tables for people looking to get practice in the more exotic ones, providing a unique possibility to improve your speaking skills in Brussels.