Language Practice in Paris: TripMeeters Paris

Paris being among the top tourist and expat destinations in the world definitely comes with perks if you are looking for ways to practice your target language. The new home to people from all cultures and various mother tongues, there is no lack of people to practice with, whatever your target language might be. With so many language exchange events and meetings to choose from, there is definitely no need to settle for the first one you find.

So, if you have already visited some of the Polyglot Club Paris events and decided it’s not for you, or are simply looking for something else in addition, give the TripMeeters Paris Meetup group a try. This group focusses a lot more on providing French-English exchanges with several events available each week.

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TripMeeters Paris is an even more popular Meetup group focussed on organising language exchange events than the Polyglot Club we covered earlier. They boast almost 10,000 members whom they have gathered since getting started in 2013. The staggering numbers are perhaps not surprising when you take into account how much effort they put into making their language exchange events accessible and stress-free for all participants. Speaking a foreign language can be a daunting task which is why they put a special emphasis on creating a welcoming atmosphere and break the ice between participants.

This is also why this group would be a great place to start when you’re new to language exchange events or simply more nervous about practicing your target language.


As with the Polyglot Club, there are many events organised each week, most taking part in various locations around town. So, the best way to find out about the precise location of an event you’re interested in joining would be to simply sign up to the group and choose the ones you want to attend. The group provides the locations and times for each of the language exchanges they organise.

You can expect most of the events to take place around central Paris – for example, the Le Village Bar in the 5th arrondissement which hosts the group’s English-French exchanges.


There is a lot of good news for people interested in English and French exchanges since this group organises events for that three times a week. At 7 pm on any Tuesday or Thursday, or 8 pm on Fridays, you’ll have the chance to practice your French skills and teach English to other participants. On Mondays, there are also free French practice events that aim to provide a relaxed and calm atmosphere for improving your language skills. Additionally on Mondays, there’s also the bigger language exchange event that’s open to all languages.

To keep better track of the events organised by this group, just keep an eye on their upcoming events calendar and pick out which meetings you want to attend.


Although the large number of members in this group can be a bit daunting, they really do make an effort to create a friendly atmosphere for their language practice events. Each meeting has an ambassador whose job it is to break the ice between participants and facilitate communication. They also keep the group sizes quite small to avoid too many people swamping their language exchanges. All of this makes these great events to attend if you are a bit apprehensive about speaking your target language.

Photo credit: TripMeeters Paris photo album.