Managing Stress through Language Learning

In this modern era where we are bombarded with new challenges every day, life has become stressful. Advancement in technology is at its peak, which has made our lives faster, leaving us with intense anxiety about job security and career growth. Learning a language opens several windows of opportunity.

Language is a perfect asset for career growth. Employers are always willing to opt for bi-lingual candidates. Though a new set of grammatical rules, sounds, and vocabulary may seem boring, it serves as a good dose for stress management.

Let us learn how learning a language can help you manage stress with ease:

A New Hobby

Language can be a perfect addition to your list of hobbies. It’s stressful to maintain the same schedule every day. Starting work first thing in the morning may put your mind under stress. Giving a fresh start to the mind by doing something meaningful other than the routine work is always stress-relieving.

Be it a stat of the day, break time, or an evening hour, take out some time for your hobbies in your routine schedule. Dedicate this time to learning a new language, and you will feel the difference. Now, you need to decide your learning style. As per your comfort zone, select a tutor who can teach online or come to your place.

You can also spend some time in an area where natives of the language are present. However, this is not always possible. If you are learning a language not commonly spoken in your country, you will not be able to have face-to-face interactions. However, social media is always there to help us out – join groups on Facebook, interact with people on Twitter, and follow language experts on LinkedIn.

You can also take help from language learning apps like Duolingo, Memrise, Mindsnacks, etc. Have a look at YouTube videos too. These videos teach you from scratch, making you recognize every new letter and continuing the lessons smoothly.

Inspiration to Accept Challenges

The first few days of your novel language class may be frustrating. These are the days when you feel like the challenge is too big for you to accomplish. It is likely to get frustrated but do not give up. In a few days, you will understand the basics and start learning at a new pace.

When you complete the first level of your desired language, the rest will become easier. Similarly, when you become fluent, you will feel accomplished that you mastered a new language. This will give you the confidence to accept new challenges in life. You will never feel stressed out when a new and difficult task is at your desk.

An Objective

Since we know how a language can increase our chances of being hired by multi-national firms, we work hard for it. For instance, my knowledge of the German language landed me a coveted job at a carpet cleaning office in Munich. Since I was selected as a customer service team leader for this branch, I had to continue learning the new language to at least C1 level. I made it an objective for my career and successfully worked for the position by learning German from scratch.

Consulates, in many countries, look for bi-lingual employees. These employees are well-paid, and career growth is commendable. Besides this, many people wish to immigrate to other countries for a better lifestyle, education, and work opportunities. Learning the language of a new country increases the chances of immigration. Therefore, if you are stressed out with limited job opportunities in your country, think about immigration and learn a language.

When you learn the language as an objective for achieving your desired goals in life, you start relieving stress because you feel like gaining new assets every day by learning something new in a language. The feeling of achievement is a great stress-reliever. Moving to intermediate from the basic level of language gives you immense motivation, making you feel successful in your plans.

A Great Source of Entertainment

Even if you do not relate career objectives with language, it can still be a perfect source of entertainment. Tons of movies and drama series are present on Netflix and Amazon. Every movie has subtitles, so do not worry about not being able to understand it. You will not start speaking an entirely different language after watching a single movie.

However, you are on the right path to gaining new language skills.

Similarly, music is a perfect option for stress-management. Create your Spotify playlist in a different language and enjoy some new songs while cooking. Music may not directly contribute to learning a language. However, it will reduce your stress and introduce new vocabulary. Once you get familiar with new words, you will feel at ease in understanding the language.

Improves Mental Health

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression are the cause of isolation in most cases. When you learn a language, you do not just learn the way of speaking and writing. You enter into a new culture, understand new trends, and learn new things. This makes you get out of the feeling of being lonely as you start thinking big.

Additionally, language learning plays a big role in increasing self-esteem and confidence. We realize our multi-tasking efforts and feel confident about our abilities. This feeling alone is enough to combat stress.

Socialization is what contributes most to relieving mental stress. When you have got new language skills, you will love to interact with new people having the same skills. This makes you expand the social circle, meet new people, and even make new friends.

Wrapping It Up

In short, language learning is a perfect therapy for stress. This amazing experience may look frustrating at an initial level. However, one starts reaping its benefits with time. Make it your hobby, decide it as an objective for your career, take it as a challenge, and get enough entertainment through it. You will feel confident, become social, get courage, and ultimately reduce your stress levels.