3 Excellent Reasons for Learning Spanish

We’ve previously highlighted how important it is to keep in mind some concrete reasons why you’re learning your target language. While learning any language is good for you – enhancing your memory, multitasking skills, and even health – it’s also a good idea to remind yourself every now and again what exactly first made you interested in the particular one you’re trying to improve.

Spanish, for example, is an increasingly popular second language to learn and speaking it comes with some spectacular upsides. So, today we’re seeing what are some of the excellent reasons for becoming fluent in Spanish.

Don Quixote and Other Classics

Some of the best literature on the planet has come from writers who originally published their books in Spanish. Think Cervantes’ Don Quixote (arguably the best book in the world) and the brilliant works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. And these are just the names that have become a household name throughout the world. There is also an impressive list of Nobel prize winners among Spanish and Latin American authors.

And sure, the best works have definitely been translated to English and dozens of other languages. But, as anyone who has ever compared a translated work of literature to the original knows, there is always something lost in translation. That might be especially true with Spanish and its collection of charmingly unique words.

Meeting Friends You Didn’t Know You Had

It’s probably no surprise that there are three Spanish-speaking nations in the top five of the best countries for making friends. You know you’ll pave your way to future friendships by speaking a common language with the natives. Learning any language opens up doors for meeting new people and making lifelong friends but in the case of Spanish, this comes with extra perks. The generosity Spanish-speaking cultures are famous for, really reaches a new level when you (try) to converse in their native language.

Additionally, since some of the Hispanophone world is notably not amazing at English, speaking Spanish can really be the best way to learn about their real experiences. That, of course, becomes doubly true when travelling in Spain or Latin America where visitors who are limited to English are often also limited to the most trodden and touristy sights.

It’s a Global Language and Will Help You Learn the Next One

The wide base Spanish has as a mother tongue, official, or second language for people all over the planet means that professionally speaking it’s one of the most useful languages to be fluent in. Speaking Spanish can help you communicate with close to a billion people in their first or second language and that sounds like an amazing prospect.

Additionally, Spanish belongs to the Romance languages – the same group as Italian, French, and Portuguese, for example. The great thing about becoming fluent in Spanish is that it will also help you when you then try to learn any of the other languages that are closely related to it. You will recognise some vocabulary, grammar rules, and even intonation, making picking up the second, third, and fourth Romance language easier.

Conclusion – Learning Spanish Is Not Only a Pragmatic Decision

One of the best reasons to dive into any language is to get a better understanding of the wider culture that surrounds it and Spanish offers insight into some world class culture. From learning about the enigmatic paintings of Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali to tasting some world class paella, the Hispanic world offers joy of discovery for anyone.

With the estimated second highest number of native speakers, Spanish is also a global language and speaking it can open doors both socially and professionally. So, if you’re looking for a more pragmatic reason to learn this gem of a language, look no further.