5 Killer Tips For Argumentative Writing

Today, we have prepared some killer tips for writing top-notch persuasive papers. Read on to understand the approach of experts, and remember that one of the best ways to become an expert in argumentative writing is continuous practice.

What is argumentative writing?

Let us start with making the terms clear. The argumentative or persuasive writing category assumes that the author strongly believes in the given issue or topic. By sharing his or her opinion with the audience, the author aims to force readers to make particular actions or form their own opinion regarding the problematics.

Be an expert in the suggested area

You will not succeed in persuasive writing if you do not proceed with the preliminary research on the current topic. The best way to create an argumentative paper is to write about things you understand and know well. If you want to develop strong argumentation and defend your opinion effectively, research all the related materials patiently. Pay attention to various categories of sources and go through all of them.

Form your thesis statement

Argumentative writing requires an author to have a strong opinion on the current problematics or issues. Be aware that some situations require deep acknowledgment of the opposite points of view in addition to developing your statements. You will need to believe in your thesis and be sure that you are right in proclaiming it. Remember that your audience can feel your mood unconsciously.

Add more fascinating details

Your persuasive papers would become much more vital if you add exciting facts and unexpected information. Try to involve people in the story, and encourage them to join intellectual collaboration with you as an author. Make sure to supplement the paper’s body with such elements:

– Quotations

– Fun facts, jokes, anecdotal elements

– Research outcomes

– Statistics

– Rhetorical points, historical issues

– Unexpected facts and twists

Brief narratives

Apply one of the persuasive approaches

You must structure your opinion to convince your readership by using one of the three main argumentation techniques. Here is a short description of them:


This approach assumes stating your central thesis and representing the grounds on which your opinion is based. Toulmin’s strategy requires explaining the correlation between the grounds and the main thesis.


After presenting the main thesis, you will add more and more facts and arguments to introduce your thoughts broadly to the audience and convince them to agree.


Apply this technique when there are two opposite solid opinions. The persuasive arguments would be based on the tangible acknowledgment of the polarizing side of the problematics.

Be provocative

Use arguments that stimulate your readership to think about the current issue. You need to hook them with arguments and try to recall feelings. The audience must get a particular attitude on the topic of your argumentative paper. Make sure your writing forces people to investigate the problems and decide whether they agree with your statements or not.


We believe that after reading this material, your persuasive papers would become more convincing. Apply these pieces of advice to any argumentative writings, as they are working methods to improve your writing. Do not forget that practicing makes sense most of all when it comes to creating texts.

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