5 Excellent Tutorials for Learning Spanish

Had an idea of learning Spanish? Same here. But your first step should be about the research. Then you’ll be able to pick the learning approach that will suit you best.

So before you get yourself dozens of similar learning apps on your smartphone, here is a quick roundup of good tutorials to start with. They will help you with the fundamental question: where do I even start with Spanish?

1. Follow the checklist for basic Spanish learning

Anyone who wants to know how to learn Spanish has to start with a checklist to choose the learning approach, tools and build a road map.

One of these tutorials suggests you try to learn basic Spanish and build up your ‘language muscles’ on that.

Besides that, this tutorial will help you determine specific steps to take before you go to Spain. You can consider it an ultimate list of things you must do to succeed in Spanish.

Give it a quick read before you dive into more detailed guides to Spanish learning.

2. Listen to Spanish audio tutorials

While browsing through Spanish tutorials, don’t skip on the audio tutorials. These are quite useful, especially when you just start and want to learn how to pronounce basic words.

Take a quick look at these audio tutorials and podcasts in Spanish. You can choose the audio course depending on your current level and Spanish level you want to achieve.

Start learning from scratch or improve your pronunciation with hundreds of lessons and tons of audio materials.

3. Review an expert approach to learning Spanish

The internet is full of ‘ultimate’ guide to Spanish, but they are not that ‘ultimate’ as they say. To make sure you’re taking the right direction, you should watch out for tutorials from industry experts with a background in Spanish learning.

This tutorial includes tons of analytics and provides you with insights from the person who also wanted to find out the best resources for learning Spanish and what’s the fastest way to do that.

The article includes charts, statistics, learning advice and can serve you as a road map to navigate toward your dream of knowing how to speak Spanish.

4. Determine the right tools to learn Spanish

Tools are everything when it comes to language learning. That’s why this tutorial provides you with the shortlist of the best tools to study Spanish.

Apps, websites, audio, and video materials all categorized & sorted out to help you choose what should work best for you personally. Add this tutorial to your favorites and use it as a cheat sheet every time you’re not sure where to go next to improve your Spanish.

Expert tip: Combine these tools to achieve better results. For example, use an app for vocabulary learning and grab an audio course to improve your pronunciation at the same time.

5. Get basic Spanish skills from video tutorials

When you google ‘how to learn Spanish’, you definitely get dozens of videos from YouTube advertising an intense course that fits any level of knowledge. Don’t neglect the videos, they can be interactive and, therefore, more engaging.

Of course, videos are usually more useful for those looking for a quick start with Spanish. For example, if you’re going to travel to a Spanish-speaking country or plan to have a business trip to Spain.

Video tutorials like this one will help you compile a vocabulary with basic words and phrases that you may need during your travel abroad. To make sure this really helps, make sure you take notes and carry your vocabulary with you, don’t solemnly rely on your memory, it can be harder than you imagine.


Before you start to learn Spanish or any other language, you’ve got to understand that you won’t be able to do that with one single tutorial. Since nowadays we have thousands of courses and manuals, you have plenty of opportunities to achieve more and pay less at the same time.

Grab a free tutorial to determine the best learning tools or try premium lessons with a home tutor to achieve your goals faster — it’s up to you and it all depends on what results you want to get.

Author bio: Eliza Medley is an experienced tutor, educator, and psychologist. Eliza is fond of blogging, motivation articles, and education tips. Follow @Eliza_Medley on Twitter.