Language Practice in Vienna: Internationals in Wien

Perhaps surprisingly for such a big and beloved city, Vienna offers only a few options for language practice Meetups. Conspicuously lacking are the usual big groups aimed at exchanging English and German that one would expect in such a place. Interestingly, there are a few smaller groups that get together to practice Chinese, French, and Portuguese which is great news in itself, especially seeing that these groups are also active in planning regular events.

So it seems, that the best way to get converse in the local German might be the Internationals in Wien Meetup group.


Internationals in Wien is the single biggest Meetup group in Vienna with over 5,000 members. This probably shouldn’t be a surprise, since Meetup is mostly used by expats trying to create their own community – general groups aimed at uniting the local internationals are bound to get the most members.

While this group is not specifically aimed at creating language exchange events, they do actually offer a few ongoing series conversation practice events in German and Spanish. Meetups in English aren’t regular but take place fairly often.


The German-language event – German Language Cafe used to meet at the BrauBar in Vienna but because of its popularity, the organisers are currently looking for another venue that would fit all of the participants. For the near future, German Language Cafe should be taking place at the Mas Restaurante but check the group’s calendar and the particular event for more precise info.

People looking to improve their Spanish skills can do so at the once-a-week Café de la Lengua Española which also meets at the same Mexican restaurant as the German group – Mas Restaurante.


German Language Cafe gets together every week on Wednesdays at 7pm. If you’re having a hard time finding the right table at the venue, ask for the Meetup event.

Café de la Lengua Española is also a weekly event but this one takes place at 7pm on every Sunday. Ask for Pavel’s table at the venue.

To attend these events, visit the Internationals in Wien Meetup group, select the date you would like to take part of the event, and click on the “Join and RSVP” button on the event’s page. This will help organisers see how many participants they can expect.


These events are definitely some of the best options for German and Spanish practice you’re going to find in Vienna. They usually bring in around 10 native speakers which means a nice and relaxed atmosphere for conversation. In the case of German Language Cafe, it is also strongly recommended to speak only in the target language, making it a challenging but rewarding event.

Photo credit: Internationals in Wien photo page.