Why learning Chinese is important and how to make it fun

Being able to speak a foreign language is a plus when it comes to job hunting. A good knowledge of a foreign language can help people overcome the language barrier and make communication more effective. Consequently, many people wonder which language they should learn in order to make themselves more competitive on the job market. Chinese is now considered an “attractive” language to learn not just because it equips job seekers with competitiveness, but also because many people find Chinese culture charming and enchanting. Let’s find out why it is important to learn Chinese and how to make Chinese learning enjoyable. 

Excellent Job Opportunities

In recent years, China’s economy has been growing rapidly, which allows the country to become a popular destination for job seekers. Nowadays China plays an important role in the international arena, and a lot of transnational companies have opened branches or representatives in major cities in China. Therefore, numerous job opportunities are open to both Chinese people and foreigners. Despite the fact that many foreigners in China think they can get by even if they can’t understand Chinese, acquiring a good knowledge of Chinese will certainly be an advantage when it comes to job hunting.

On one hand, some companies clearly state that foreign applicants must have a satisfactory knowledge of Chinese if they want to apply for a job with them. On the other hand, being able to understand Chinese will allow you to communicate with your Chinese colleagues more effectively and hence help improve your work efficiency. Therefore, it will be a good idea to learn Chinese if you would like to find a job in China in the future. 

A Different Culture, A Different Lifestyle 

Many foreigners consider China an exotic country because everything ranging from Chinese culture to Chinese people’s lifestyle is different. At the same time, they understand that it’s important but also interesting to widen their horizons from a cultural perspective. That’s why many Chinese learners choose to visit China as they’re interested in knowing more about Chinese culture and Chinese people’s daily lives.

Language learning is often “mingled” with cultural exploration, therefore, it’s necessary for you to learn Chinese if you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the quintessence of Chinese culture. For instance, filial piety plays a tremendous role in traditional Chinese culture, and a good knowledge of Chinese would be helpful when it comes to understanding the concept behind it.

Meanwhile, in consideration of the fact that Chinese people’s overall English language skills are not very strong, studying Chinese will provide you with the opportunity to have an insight into Chinese people’s daily lives. It will not only allow you to have a clearer idea of different people’s attitudes towards life, but also help you understand Chinese people’s logic through their speaking habits.

A New Learning Experience 

Another reason why it is important to learn Chinese is that it’s spoken by almost 1/5 of the total population around the world. Moreover, studying Chinese can, to a certain extent, improve your language learning ability. You will need to adapt yourself to something completely new so that you will have the chance to develop a different approach to language learning.

Studying Chinese can be a challenge for European people as the Chinese language is very different from most European languages, in which words are formed by letters. The Chinese language doesn’t have an alphabet and Chinese words and phrases are formed by characters. What’s difficult about Chinese is that different characters can often share the same pronunciation, with their meanings being completely different. Consequently, when two Chinese people are having a conversation, their understanding largely depends on the context.

Another peculiar aspect of the Chinese language is the existence of four different tones. Many characters are read in the same way but with different tones, which makes their meanings completely different. Therefore, Your overall language learning ability (especially your listening comprehension ability) will improve if you manage to overcome these difficulties.     

How to Make Chinese Learning Enjoyable

Many people find it hard to master Chinese and they think it’s pretty boring to learn Chinese grammar and characters. A way to tackle this problem can be participating in Chinese cultural events as they can more or less stimulate your interest in learning Chinese. Take calligraphy as an example, you will have the opportunity to know some interesting facts about the evolution of Chinese characters.

Meanwhile, since the stroke order is very important when writing Chinese characters, you will also be able to have a clear idea of how to write Chinese characters properly by attending calligraphy classes.