How to Write the Ideal Teacher CV

CV writing may not be an easy task but writing a good one to get hired is possible. You can be that clever and you may have the best experiences but if your CV is poorly written then landing a teaching job would be difficult. Have the best CV and get your dream teaching job. How? This article will help you learn the strategies.

First off, what is a CV and why a teaching hopeful should write a good one?

What is CV Writing?

Curriculum vitae or CV serves as your personal marketing tool showing off your skills to a prospective employer. In this case, it is a document that tells about your ability and efficiency in your teaching profession. This will be your passport to get into the working space where you fit in.

Although teachers are highly needed in different educational institutions, you need to stand out from the rest of the applicants vying for the position. Also, consider the hiring standards of these institutions to keep up to the trend.

Write your CV right.

Tips and Strategies to Write an Outstanding CV

Prepare your career as a teacher for the best school of your choice. Begin with the CV that will realize your dream job. Get started with the following guidelines.

Establish the Structure of Your CV

The structure and format of your CV determine the success of your application. Make sure that it is easy to read and showcases the relevant information. Essentially, break it down into 5 sections as follows:
– Contact information
– Personal statement or profile
– Core skills
– Work experience
– Educational attainment

Keep It Simple

Simplicity remains the best format for your CV. It is okay to be creative in your document but see to it that it does not distract the recruiter. The important content should be the highlight. Use a clear font and size, which is just enough to read. Choose a modest color scheme. One or 2 pages is enough for the interviewer. You may search for a resume blog for some inspiration.

Appeal to Recruiters with Your Profile

Catch the attention of the school staff and recruiters with your profile. It is an introduction to your CV to allure your target. Keep it short and concise with your details along with your strengths and skills.

Highlight Your Education and Teaching Qualifications

With the tough competition in the teaching industry, having the A in your professional development and achievement is critical. Try including third-level qualifications like Masters or Doctoral Degree. Workshops, conferences, or any other courses would be relevant too. These signify to both teaching and learning.

This is your time to shine so sell yourself and impress the recruiters.

Outline Your Skills and Experience in Teaching

Impress the hiring manager on your progressive teaching method. Strategies including lesson plan and delivery, grading exams, homework, curriculum knowledge, special education needs, and classroom management are imperative. Focus on ways to overcome potential obstacles and difficulties in teaching. Include relevant teaching-related work experiences.

Educational technology is also a plus in this digital world. Digital literacy is imperative in today’s advanced education.

Structure Your Roles

Describing your previous job descriptions give an impression to employers on the application of your skills. This will entail your impact on the workplace. Descriptions of your roles, present and previous, will give employers the idea on how you will be performing your role when hired. Tag some achievements alongside these roles to set the mood for your recruitment.

Teacher CV Template

There is nothing wrong with looking for and seeing other’s templates. Especially those who succeeded. You can find some important ideas, motivations, and guidelines. Try to consult some sites where you can find them and feel free to modify them accordingly.

Also, never hesitate to seek some other’s own experience. Learning from other’s experiences and opinions is still applicable these days.


Writing a teacher CV can be a daunting task but not that hard when you are properly guided. Make certain that it proves your skills and abilities in educating the students. Appeal to the recruiters with a profile outlining your skills in teaching. Couple this with your knowledge and achievements. Let your potential employers on how you will contribute to the organization once accepted. Remember all these and everything will follow. And don’t forget to brush up on interview tips, either!

Author bio:
Laura Garbers is a resume writer, a career coach, and a business developer from New Orleans, Louisiana. Garbers is part of, serving as its career coaching expert.