Let’s explore the Estonian language

How many people speak Estonian?

Around 1.1 million people speak Estonian worldwide, most of whom live in Estonia. Finland has the next biggest contingent of Estonian speakers. There are even some Siberian villages where Estonian is spoken!

Which language family does Estonian belong to?

Estonian belongs to the Finno-Ugric family of languages, which is a branch of the Uralic language family.

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Which languages are Estonian similar to?

Estonian is similar to Finnish and Hungarian, both of which are also spoken by around 1.1 million people worldwide.

Does Estonian have dialects?

Even though Estonian is a small language, there are regional differences in how people speak it. These differences might not be as big as with other languages that cover bigger areas, but you can definitely hear them if you listen carefully.


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Tell us about the history of the Estonian language?

The Estonian language is believed to have originated in the region around the Gulf of Finland. It is thought to have descended from a proto-Finnic language, which was spoken by the Finns and other related groups. Over time, Estonian has evolved and changed considerably. It is now considered to be a distinct language with its own unique characteristics.

What are some of the unique characteristics of Estonian?

Here are some interesting facts about the Estonian language